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I'm Tom, I'm a freelance programmer from Brighton in the UK. I sometimes post as almost on places like Hacker News and I work from The Skiff, a very nice co-working place in the Laines area of Brighton (and you can too, come join us if you're sick of working from home).

Get in touch by email at tom@almostobsolete.net or via Twitter with @almostobsolete.

I don't update this site very often

BUZZZSHOT:I am now running a SaaS company with a software product Buzzshot - Escape Room Software

FREELANCE PORTFOLIO SITE: If you'd like to see some examples of my work as a freelancer then head to tomparslow.co.uk.





I'm available to do development projects. I usually work in Python (sometimes with Django) and Javascript (in the browser and on the server with Node.JS. You can see examples of my work at tomparslow.co.uk.


I code mainly in Python but I do enjoy a bit of Haskell. I've written quite a lot of other languages and like a fair few of them for different reasons and for different uses. A few bits and pieces of code I've written are on my GitHub page. I keep meaning to release more stuff—I have a mountain of elisp code for example—but usually it just languishes on my hard drive.

I sometimes help out on electronics and programming bits for Felix's Machines which is a lot of fun, the machines are very cool and you should check them out.

Useful Notes for Google

I'm trying to note down things that were a pain to do or to figure out here so that Google can find them.

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Author: Thomas Parslow

Created: 2016-06-16 Thu 21:33